Unsolicited Dick Picks & Messages from Instagram Fans

Bite me.
Bite me.

I have clearly stated on my Instagram account that I DO NOT WANT to see dick pics, and I’m not trading pics, either. I really don’t know what goes through the minds of some of these men except flat out stupidity and self-centeredness.

Another reason I don’t answer unsolicited messages…

I have lost count how many dick pics that get sent to me. Probably hundreds. Most I don’t even bother to look at anymore.

This is a turnoff.
This is a turnoff.


Why do they feel the need to tell women these things? A compliment is fine, but no one wants to hear about you jacking your dick.


Please don't tell me about it.
Please don’t tell me about it.


Like you've ever had the chance.
Like you’ve ever had the chance.


I didn't ask for this.
I didn’t ask for this.


Highly doubt an actual woman is behind this profile.
Highly doubt an actual woman is behind this profile.


Not for free.


Not going to open it.


You look like a kid, and no.


So full of yourself.


No, you don’t fuck me. You’re a minor.


I’ll send him to SextPanther for my number.

Crazy Ass Messages from Foot Fetish Fans

Love my stilettos
Love my stilettos

I just thought I’d post some of the crazy ass messages I get on Facebook from foot fetish fans. This is one of the main reasons I hardly respond to messages on social media, besides the fact that it’s extremely time consuming. After receiving enough messages like these, I tend to stop bothering to check messages at all.

This kind of message results in me blocking you.
This kind of message results in me blocking you.


Sometimes I have to translate the messages. It’s probably not the greatest translator, but it appears this guy wants to stop watching porn. lmao


Yeah, I’m going to just up and go with some strange dude that talks about himself in third person.

Ummm... no.
Ummm… no.


And sometimes I just like to be a smart ass.

These toes were made for walking.
These toes were made for walking.


And There Are These Guys…

For anyone promoting themselves in the adult industry, social media is a great avenue to use. Of course in this type of business, getting numerous messages can be daunting. When I first started, I took the time to try to answer everyone, even if it was just with a smiley face. But when I started getting hundreds of friend requests, messages, etc. to sort through on each site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), it became so time consuming I just had to give up on it. I learned quickly that these aren’t ever going to be paying customers.

Some of them are really nice. Some not so much. Of course there are the unsolicited dick pics. Most are time wasters and freeloaders.


Telling me all of the details… but not asking for anything.




Some are just huge pains in the asses that think they are entitled to my attention. Like this guy.