Getting Naked at the Beach

At the nude beach
At the nude beach

I posted a few weeks ago – I like being nude, but I lied. I LOVE being nude – and being nude outdoors even more so. As much as possible, I try to visit nude beaches. It’s a sense of freedom that I haven’t felt anywhere else. Not to mention being able to skinny dip under the sky and open earth (as opposed to behind a fence in the privacy of a backyard) is something that is so liberating, I can’t really explain it. It’s something that truly must be experienced if you haven’t done it already.

Typically, I travel alone. Once in a while I’ll meet up with friends if I know they’re also going to be there. Generally, I like my space and my privacy at the beach; I’m there to relax, enjoy the atmosphere, read and write. It’s my quiet time with nature. Most people are respectful of space and privacy, but not always. One creepy guy tried to pay me a compliment recently by asking me a question, but he came waaayyy too close for my taste while pointing at something. I had the feeling he was just trying to be a perv. (Instinct is always right!) I was reading a book, making no eye contact and minding my own business when he decided it was okay to make an excuse to ask me a question (that’s usually what creepy guys do). I put my book in front of my breasts so he would get the idea I’m not there to be picked up or gawked at. He came even closer to talk to me and I quickly brushed him away. I don’t care if I’m nude or dressed from head to toe – when I need/want my space and privacy – I don’t need someone to take that away from me.

Of course, being alone at a nude beach means you’re a target to get hit on. So far in my experience, it’s been much older men at these places… ones that may be old enough to be my father. (If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’m just not into that. 😉 ) A few weeks ago, a nice looking guy about my age didn’t know it was a nude beach, so he asked me some questions. I didn’t mind answering him – he kept a safe distance from me, which told me he respected my space. Another guy that I ended up befriending had done something similar. I don’t care what beach you’re at (clothing optional or not), when a man approaches you at the beach, more than likely he is trying to hit on you. Otherwise, if they really had a question, they could ask the guy sitting 20 yards away, right?

With that being said, I recently started looking into nude resorts. Although I’d love to experience those as well, they’re quite pricey. It seems that most require memberships, which at the moment are well out of my price range. That doesn’t even include overnight fees. A few will over a “free pass” for single women, so I may have to take up an offer and try it out for myself. I’m a pretty independent person and find that I tend to meet many more people when I’m alone, so I’m unsure if I’d want to take someone else along or experience this type of thing on my own. I’d love to hear some nude resort stories, tips, suggestions, etc. from any of my readers.