Unsolicited Dick Picks & Messages from Instagram Fans

Bite me.
Bite me.

I have clearly stated on my Instagram account that I DO NOT WANT to see dick pics, and I’m not trading pics, either. I really don’t know what goes through the minds of some of these men except flat out stupidity and self-centeredness.

Another reason I don’t answer unsolicited messages…

I have lost count how many dick pics that get sent to me. Probably hundreds. Most I don’t even bother to look at anymore.

This is a turnoff.
This is a turnoff.


Why do they feel the need to tell women these things? A compliment is fine, but no one wants to hear about you jacking your dick.


Please don't tell me about it.
Please don’t tell me about it.


Like you've ever had the chance.
Like you’ve ever had the chance.


I didn't ask for this.
I didn’t ask for this.


Highly doubt an actual woman is behind this profile.
Highly doubt an actual woman is behind this profile.


Not for free.


Not going to open it.


You look like a kid, and no.


So full of yourself.


No, you don’t fuck me. You’re a minor.


I’ll send him to SextPanther for my number.

A couple of my favorite toys…

Bunny Love!
Bunny Love!

I go thru sex toys frequently, like every 6 months or so, depending on their quality. I’ve tried several different types over the years and have found that anything that’s not coated with something rubbery is usually too hard. I like my toys to feel as natural as possible, like a real dick.

The purple rabbit you see here is one of my favorites. I’ve had it for a while, and… well, it’s broken. No more vibrating. Didn’t last long at all – maybe a few months. BUT – using it in combination with another toy does wonders! All I need is some clitoral stimulation and the insertion of the head of the purple phallus, and I can cum pretty quickly.

I have more toys I will talk about later, but so far these do the job pretty well. 😉