The 50-Something Frat Boy

Not a frat boy fan.
Not a frat boy fan.

(** First, I’d like to thank my followers for your support and interest in my writing. I feel like I’m finally able to sit down and say a little bit. Still no answers about my friend’s death, but time is helping things move along.)

Now, I’m going to tell you about another oddball I dated earlier this year.

As I’ve said before, many people have suggested that I date older men. Besides the “arrangement” site, I did meet someone about six months ago that piqued my interest for a short time. Over a three-week period, we hung out multiple times and went on one actual date. He was about 10+ years older than me, in decent shape, easy to talk to, seemed to have his shit together.

But in the bedroom, he was clueless and selfish. He was okay making out, but in the end, I did most of the work, there wasn’t much foreplay, he satisfied himself and was done. I made the excuse that perhaps he was tired, but it happened three times. The very last time it happened, I literally got up, got dressed, and went home. He asked me if everything was okay. I said yep, I just need to feed my cats (because even they gave me more attention than he did!).

A few weeks later, I was out and about and had learned that he’d just gotten out of an engagement about three months prior. Well, I was not aware of this, because I was pretty sure he’d told me he hadn’t been in a relationship in two years. So again, I was the rebound girl. I was pretty pissed when I learned that, so I sent him a text asking him to confirm this information. He said it was true. I was like WTF… how does that equal two years? Next thing I know, he walks into the place where I’m sitting, strolls up and sits right next to me, carries on loudly like a frat boy, and says nothing to me. I paid my tab, walked out, and sent him a text telling him he’s an asshole.

I never heard back from him again, nor did I run into him (thankfully) until recently. He paid the bartender to buy me a drink on him as an apology for being an ass. A week or so later, I ran into him again and thanked him. We chatted for a few minutes, mostly about work. I only told him that I write sex blogs for content, never of course mentioning this site or what I actually do on cam.

Suddenly, he became interested in me all over again, bought me another drink (I guess he thinks that’s his ticket in), and he’s been texting and calling me wanting to hang out. I’ve barely replied. Today I noticed he left me a voicemail the other day asking why I hadn’t called him back after I was done blogging one evening, because he’s really interested in reading it. He sounded like a total perv dweeb. I never responded.

Will I ever respond? Doubtful. Will I ever tell him about this site? Never!