Sex at the Beach with Frankenstein Head

He pulled my bikini aside.
He pulled my bikini aside.

I met Frankenstein Head when I was about 24. He followed me around one night when I was out with the girls and he kept talking to me. At first I ignored him, but he was persistent. He was two years younger and we’d gone to the same high school. I thought he was hot at the time – tanned, muscular, blond, blue-eyed. (The only reason I named him Frankenstein Head was because he had a huge forehead, and as he got older, it got bigger.) We had a lot of fun and got along great, so we were seeing each other for a few weeks.

We had the BEST sex ever right on a beach once in the middle of broad daylight. Hiding behind the dunes, I could hear families with their kids, and of course I was afraid of being caught. It was hot and sweaty and just amazing, because it was the first time I’d ever had sex on the beach.

At the time, I worked at a night club as a shot girl. One night at work, one of my co-workers came to me and said “my man” was dancing with another girl. Knowing he had a lot of female friends, I blew it off, because what guy is going to do something stupid in front of the woman he’s seeing at her work?

But he completely ignored me, left with the girl, and ignored my pages (yes back when people used pagers!). I was fuming!! Eventually, he came back to my work on another night and apologized, said he “bonded” with this girl, that all they did was talk about old times. But I didn’t believe him one bit. He said he was sorry, that I deserved better. I walked away from him, but he followed me insisting he was an asshole. I said no shit!

Then he had the nerve to continue coming into my club with his new girl. I’d throw ice cubes at him and some of the other girls I worked with “accidentally” spilled drinks on him. I think he finally got the hint.

As it turns out, he dated that girl for a short time, but she left him for his good friend and married him instead.