Crazy Ass Messages from Foot Fetish Fans

Love my stilettos
Love my stilettos

I just thought I’d post some of the crazy ass messages I get on Facebook from foot fetish fans. This is one of the main reasons I hardly respond to messages on social media, besides the fact that it’s extremely time consuming. After receiving enough messages like these, I tend to stop bothering to check messages at all.

This kind of message results in me blocking you.
This kind of message results in me blocking you.


Sometimes I have to translate the messages. It’s probably not the greatest translator, but it appears this guy wants to stop watching porn. lmao


Yeah, I’m going to just up and go with some strange dude that talks about himself in third person.

Ummm... no.
Ummm… no.


And sometimes I just like to be a smart ass.

These toes were made for walking.
These toes were made for walking.


Other Sh*t Camgirls Put Up With

I should stand on their balls.
I should stand on their balls.

If you’re unfamiliar with cam sites, there’s a chat room where fans hang out and can chat, make comments, etc., while viewing the camgirl on video. Sometimes people sit in the room saying nothing at all, watching everything for free, not even saying hello and certainly not tipping.

Then there are the ones that actually do have a pleasant conversation, which keeps the room lively and helps the camgirl feel like she’s not talking to herself. This also makes the camgirl want to stay on camera instead of turning it off and doing her nails.

And then there are these guys… losers only looking to play for free and take attention out of the chat room. They usually send private messages, but once you tell them you charge for that, they quickly leave. They’re the biggest and most annoying time-wasters of all, usually going from room to room hoping to get lucky.

For example – I told this guy I’d watch him for 50 tokens. (Most do not have tokens or aren’t willing to pay.) I never heard from him again, and I don’t believe he has a “model following” as he claims. Most of them are completely full of shit.

Hi! My cam is on for you right now and I am dying to show off my 9 inch cock to you! I’ve got a following of models who enjoy watching me stroke and tease my cock for them until I cum. My cam is on, can you see?

This one copies and pastes the same comments each time and never tips. I tell them they cannot demand or ask things of the model without tipping. Models get annoyed, because there usually isn’t just one or two or even three guys asking for free things in chat. We’re not there to entertain you for free. Most models have “room rules”, one of the main is to have respect.  Just because we are online partly clothed doesn’t mean you have the right to order us around. We have a job, which sometimes makes half of minimum wage when the room is full of cheap assholes like this:

will you read something for me please???

read aloud please….missy your husband kenny wants your mom rosetta to watch him masturbate


i want my wife to hear you

would you like to see my mother in laws picture

she is next to me now

you can show it on cam so everyone can see her

pm me your snapchat username so i can send it to you

you can block me after you get the pic

This stuff happens each time I cam, and since repeating myself is a pet peeve of mine, you can imagine how annoyed I get. Besides, other guests in the room don’t care to see that either. From now on, any time someone asks me to do something without tipping, I’m going to kick them out temporarily as a punishment. I should probably learn more about “punishment”…

Strange Requests

I entertain normal fetishes.
I entertain normal fetishes.

Just like with any job, sometimes the people you have to deal with are a little “different”, to put it lightly. But in the adult industry, “different” is an understatement. The types of requests I get range from normal or typical to complete WhatTheFuck.

For example, this guy sends me this same exact email about once a week. Same copy/paste crap. And I know I’m not the only one he sends it to, because my friend on eBanned gets the same email:

Would you sell me socks? Get them way stinky but send them to another slave because I’m a loser and to humiliate me? Have him take pics if smelling and describe what they Smell like? Will you tease me how smelly there getting what shoes you wear them in and that I’ll never get them ? Will you ask if he’ll cum on them and take pics? Will you mismatch 2 cartoon or little girl sock s to humiliate me? How much? Auction them so you get paid twice. Make me thank and beg each bidder? Ill pay will you please i have the $ will pay

I’m sure he does this to numerous women, but his method of madness doesn’t work for me. First of all, anything that involves “little girl” in the request crosses a boundary for me, and I refuse to entertain it.

I, like others, finally had to block him.

Days as a Foot Fetish Model

Foot fetish, anyone?
Foot fetish, anyone?

About 12 or so years ago, I was selling all sorts of things on eBay. A good friend informed me that women were also selling their worn panties and “smelly” shoes to men with foot fetishes. I was a little taken aback about the used panties, because I didn’t find that it was sanitary (once I learned of the money involved, I changed my mind). As for the smelly shoes, I didn’t understand it, but I didn’t find any issues with it. It turned out to be a profitable concept – until ebay kicked off sellers for showing our feet “incorrectly” according to their strict photo guidelines. God forbid a braless foot is hanging out of a shoe and winking at you.

Someone came up with a great idea for a site like eBay but for adult items. Ebanned was it. (I had a ton of great feedback; my screen name at the time was SexyJulie with only one X. I deleted my account once I got into a serious relationship.) It didn’t take long to get into the foot fetish business, and I still didn’t understand it until someone explained the history of it. This is information I have yet to find online.

The fetish guy said that the soles of the feet release pheromones, and back in the caveman days, men would smell the ground to sniff out a woman. This is why highly scented (or “stinky”) shoes are hot commodities for those with foot fetishes. Then of course, there’s the visual aspect of feet – toe alignment, wrinkly soles, nice pedicure – all contribute to foot attraction.

However, I’d never thought I’d be a candidate for pretty feet. It wasn’t until I met someone that told me I had perfectly aligned toes and “cute feet”. That was completely opposite of what I thought I had – and I had always tried hiding my toes because of it, and this is why: When I was in high school, a boy that I’d had a huge crush on for several years made fun of my feet, saying I had short, stubby toes like an elephant and they looked like I kicked in a wall. Wow, yes, he was that mean. I became super self-conscious of my feet after that. I had also been made fun of for having such wrinkly soles, but for foot fetish men, this is a huge plus. So fuck what anyone else thinks, because now I can make cash from my stubby toes and wrinkled soles. 😉

I had plenty of shoes to sell and did quite well when I began. I learned that good photos are key to selling anything, and before long, I had an entire collection of foot photos that I also eventually ended up selling. I had some strange requests, like squishing strawberries between my toes and even sucking my own toes, but I drew the line when someone asked me to step in dog shit with my bare feet.

At some point, I moved to a large city where monthly foot fetish parties were held. There, I met men that would pay me to “model” my feet to them in person, which usually meant them rubbing my feet and sucking my toes. A few wanted “foot jobs”, which is like a hand job but with feet. For me, it was easy work and a way to network safely, because other women could verify whether or not someone was safe to work with alone.

Now that I am back to my old self and single again, I’m getting back into the foot fetish business, setting up some photo shoots, and trying to figure out which of my smelly or worn shoes I want to sell. More to post about this later…