Once when I was stood up…

I'll take myself out to dinner, bitch!
I’ll take myself out to dinner, bitch!

There’s a guy I was seeing for a little while about two years ago. He was about 15 years younger than me and had good intentions, but he was NEVER on time. And a few times he’d “fall asleep” or whatever excuse he had for not showing up. Completely inconsiderate. So the last time he stood me up I took myself out to dinner and sent him this text.

Stood-up Sunday

Kiss My Ass
Kiss My Ass

I try to leave Sundays to relax and unwind, but today I am finding myself doing more work than planned. What were my Sunday plans? Well…

I was invited to go boating, but the person stood me up. No call, no show. The no call part is the worst!! I have been stood up numerous times over the years (except by my now ex-husband, which is probably why I married him). It sucks to be stood up. It’s not only disappointing and inconsiderate; it’s a damn waste of my fucking time. So now this person can seriously kiss my ass. Here’s a photo to prove it. 😉