Drummer Boy

Another guy that can kiss my ass...
Another guy that can kiss my ass…

Drummer Boy was a drummer in a rock band that was a few years older than me. I immediately had eyes for him, however, I was skeptical because of my experience with band guys. We met one summer when I was planning a move to his  area. We’d had a great time together and the sex was good, although at this point I don’t remember much about it.

Drummer Boy had told me he’s ready to settle down, he’s tired of playing the games, etc… I had to leave to go back home, but I promised him I’d be back – and I was a few months later. In the meantime, we kept in touch, he called to say that he missed me and couldn’t wait to see me again. He wanted to show me his house on the water and spend some time getting to know me. I let him know when I was coming back, and he seemed excited.

I showed up dressed to kill to watch his band play. I wasn’t sure if he’d seen me or not, but when the band stopped, I watched him walk off stage. About 10 feet in front of me, he kissed some blonde chick, then looked at me and said,”That’s my girlfriend.”

“Excuse me??” I said.

I cannot even imagine the look on my face, but I wanted to fucking kill him for wasting my time and leading me on. He just shrugged his shoulders and gave me a sly grin, turned around and avoided me the rest of the night.

I found out from one of the bartenders that Drummer Boy had been with this girl since before I met him, they had a kid together, and this was typical behavior of him. Before leaving, I told him exactly what I thought. He tried to talk to me a few times after that, but I wanted nothing more to do with the prick.

12 thoughts on “Drummer Boy

  1. Drummers have a way of ruining everything. I always know a band is over when we get to rehearsal and the drummer says… guys I have been playing some guitar lately and I have written a few songs…
    No one needs a musicians laborer to get creative. This goes for in his relationships too.

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  2. A shame more of them don’t read your writing. They might get an idea how cool you are and what they are missing out on by not being interested in talking with you. Honestly

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      1. Some idiots around. Some people never accept that their sexual patterns are a weapon affecting others, and that maybe it is time that they did some work on themselves. Like mindless nasty beasts chasing a high. Know your limitations said Harry Callaghan. Don’t touch if they can’t afford. If they get so nasty when No is said then maybe they never liked the person to begin with. Why fuck someone if I don’t like them unless I think I am entitled to do whatever I please

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  3. Even if it’s a one night stand. If you don’t like them stay home and read a book. As for mates making money playing sport who won’t pay maintenance and bitch about her… don’t get me started. Who said using a condom is about my sensation… maybe I enjoy making someone else feel good. Pretty much why I like chatting to people. I allowed a very overweight girl off the train before me yesterday because my father brought me up like that and the poor girl was so chuffed that a male treated her like a lady. Poor girl. Some people are selfish and think strangely. Rant over


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