How NOT to get my Attention

I will turn my back on needy bitches.
I will turn my back on needy bitches.

Somehow I either attract super needy men or ones that are emotionally unavailable and nothing in between. This particular 40-something-year-old Football Coach I met earlier this year was super needy. We hung out once. Yes ONCE. No sex. We kind of made out but it wasn’t even memorable. There was something about him that I didn’t like, but I didn’t know what it was yet.

Football Coach asked me out to eat at a place where I can’t eat the food, so I politely declined. A day later he asked me out again, but I’d already made plans. (Also, I was still working tons of hours at my old job, so dating wasn’t much of an option for me.) When he started texting me late night hours one weekend, I was ready to be done with him. Obviously, he was out getting drunk when he was sending these messages. I guess I could tell at this point why I didn’t like him – he’s an ass and a BFB (big fucking baby) who can’t handle his alcohol.


After sending this, Football Coach sent me a long ass text equivalent to a one-page, single spaced term paper explaining what he wants in a relationship and thought we could have “something” together. I still can’t figure out why hanging out just ONE time could have led him to believe that suddenly we were in a relationship. I never bothered to answer him back, because I felt that by initiating more contact would make him continue to bother me, and I was in no mood.

6 thoughts on “How NOT to get my Attention

  1. Booty called by a drunk no matter what gender is not cool. I also can’t stand starting to see a woman who ‘doesn’t use drugs’ only to find that these sort of statements can be conditional. Some of the worst secret druggies can be religionists or work in a legal industry or even part of the judiciary. I guess even God rested on Sunday.


      1. Just saying. It’s much the same as booze. Most people do it. I guess we are both alluding to emotional honesty or competency in the beginning of seeing someone. Hope that isn’t too much of leap for the imagination or synchronous levels of psychology. Related to your post though 😏


  2. The guy is a needy beta-cuck, avoid them at all costs – needy ones all show the same signs early on, very easy, complimenting and accommodating – which is nice after 1 date, but the problem is it only accelerates from there until you want nothing to do with them. Most men blame this on being “too nice” or “a nice guy”. No, its being a needy cuck, and its an epidemic – pushed by media and movies no less.

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