Work vs Private Life as a Cam Girl

My boobs are real during private and work hours.
My boobs are real during private and work hours.

Writing this blog has been therapeutic. It’s allowing me to remind myself of the mistakes of my past and the patterns that keep emerging. It also reminds me the importance of keeping the balance between my work and personal endeavors, which are often combined.

One of the things that I deal with on a daily basis is men that I personally know asking me tons of personal questions and expecting me to send them photos and/or vids for free, taking both private and work time away from my activities. When I’m in the mood, I might give in, but for them to expect it kind of pisses me off. I am charging strange men for the same thing, so what makes these guys think they’re so special? This is one of the things I am changing about myself… limiting my time with freeloaders that won’t even offer to take me out on a real date. Not only is it another reminder of how selfish people can be, it also turns me off. And working in this field, I need to be turned on as much as possible. 🙂

Since I work from home, my private and work life are also intertwined here. I live in a place about the size of a shoebox, which worked fine when I was working out of the home. But now I’m feeling the squeeze with very little space to conduct shows, store items that are auctioned off, and my “office space” creating a mess in my living room. Between the lighting I use for camming and the desk area full of paperwork, I don’t exactly like inviting people over, because it just seems too crowded and messy now, and I don’t always have time to break down everything and hide it. So I’m considering a move within the next six months to a year, depending on how my financial situation works out with this gig.

And here’s another dilemma: telling people what I actually do for a living. The other job that cut my hours hasn’t needed me at all for the last two months. (This was no surprise, which is why I started working in the adult industry – cannot rely on employers anymore!) I’ve always managed to do multiple jobs anyway, so I come up with things to tell people – photo editing and writing projects (which is all true), and I leave it at that.

My family knows nothing about this, and I don’t feel I need to tell them a thing until I start making a really decent, steady income. A handful of my guy friends know, some of which have been helpful. Other than that, I’ve only been able to tell one of my female friends. I’m pretty sure the rest would feel differently about me and look down upon me for promoting “porn” – which is something most of them have complained about with their husbands. So I can’t exactly say ummm yeah, I’m doing something that you absolutely hate your husband looking at. I do feel that at some point, I’m going to be discovered either by someone that knows and feels the need to out me or perhaps recognizes me. I’m not sure I’m ready for that to happen yet, but when it does, I’m going to use it to my advantage.

7 thoughts on “Work vs Private Life as a Cam Girl

  1. Anyone who cannot hear you say this and simply hear you as a valuable human being without wanting something else from you is not a friend. In fact they might be helpful. It is like men who see sex workers hiding the fact that they are married. They will always use people without regard for their humanity. These non firers probably laugh at those of us who have literally been through hell and every so often might be able to pay a real human being to lie with us and be in physical contact holding each other because it is a privilege to treat a woman well. Some of us had to keep our mother’s alive from when we were 4 years of age because coward men like keeping women’s glasses topped up. Then they poop themselves when we we get educated, trained and survived. There is no greater privilege as a man than being able to treat a woman well and stand up for good people. I had things done to me that other blokes have laughed about in the change rooms at footy until I told them to kill me in their own time. A cop selling drugs to junior players didn’t scare me either. 6 punches in I tell them then I am coming. They turn girly. One motorbike hero or Chippendale even tried to hug me when he saw me out after that. I had to say that when I grew up me and my mates never hugged each other. My best mate was gay but he wasn’t a joke. He was a man. Even if I could resurrect some of them we wouldn’t have the reverse Oedapus
    I have some great girlfriends in my life and am grateful every day because I like them. Don’t like a woman… don’t sleep with her. Don’t game her and and if you can’t handle being friends for eternity without sex… then you may not be interested in how she actually is and tell your mother that you treat the world like you treat her.
    In short next bloke to tell me he’s been friend zoned will probably be picking up his 2 front teeth for Christmas.
    Sorry to rant


  2. I feel like what you do IS important! And fabulous 😍
    But I’ve never understood women who don’t like their husbands/guys watching porn. (I mean I get the cheesy poor acting porn can be annoying) but porn is just so…..real and fun. And many more kudos that you are real!!!
    I hope no one ever feels the need to “out” you. The mental toll that can take is staggering.



  3. You are an incredible human being Julie. Thanks for sharing your story. Thanks also for not being a half wit in primary school and being literate. Not to be taken for granted these days


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