Clinger – Skinny Leg Guy – Part 2

Leave me alone while I work.
Leave me alone while I work.

If you haven’t read “Skinny Leg Guy” part 1 from yesterday, it will help you to understand this post better.

Once I dropped Skinny Leg Guy off at the skanky trailer park, I wasn’t sure I’d hear from him again. And I didn’t care. I hadn’t noticed until after he was gone that he’d used FOUR glasses plus a shot glass while he stayed for less than 12 hours. Then I noticed he’d left dust or dirt or something on my bed and on my floor. So between that and him leaving up my toilet seat, drinking vodka at 10 a.m…. I knew I was never inviting him over again. Fucking slob.

I went to my appointment, and while I was sitting there, my phone started blowing up with texts from him. This was on a Thursday afternoon. The messages were friendly, but bothersome, because I was trying to relax and get my monthly manicure and pedicure. Can’t exactly type when your hands are being occupied. By 6 o’clock that evening, he was trying to worm his way to come back to my house. I told him I had work to do and “maybe tomorrow” just to shut him up.

annoying texts


The texts continued. He was drinking with his cousin or uncle or someone and apparently was bored and sending stupid random shit. Again, I told him, “I haven’t been able to get any work done, because I keep getting text messages”. Now I was really annoyed. I texted him back at some point letting him know what a freaking mess he left at my place.

The following day, he texted me in the evening, and I told him I was busy working. I guess I answered him at some point at a very late hour, not realizing how late, because I’d been up working all night. I guess he got the message on Saturday morning, because his messages started up at 8 a.m., and before noon, he was “heading out to drink” with his cousin again. Lots of red flags here on the drinking.

He wanted to know when I was free again, I told him I had plans with my girlfriends and I was about to leave town in a couple of days. His messages continued throughout the day, I made more excuses, because I didn’t want him showing up at my house unexpectedly. At that point, I just had to ignore him.

blow me

annoying text

The last time he messaged me was at 4 a.m. And then I didn’t hear from him for a month. An entire month! And then I get this message… at wee morning hours again.

booty call text

I’m not answering him.

15 thoughts on “Clinger – Skinny Leg Guy – Part 2

    1. I can’t answer the first question. 😉

      Most of the spelling is pure laziness or maybe because he’s drunk. And judging by the fact he lives with his mom and has no vehicle, I’m pretty certain at this point he’s probably unemployed as well.


  1. Yikes… yea, he definitely wasn’t getting the memo that you weren’t interested. If I’m on the fence about someone, I will fill it with stuff like I’m busy until the next week or something when I’m bored and can make some time for a second date. But for this type of guy, if I’m definitely not interested, I just straight up tell them that I don’t want to see them again. However, I’ve been told by many that I’m too blunt, not just in dating, in life overall.

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      1. Precisely. And as I’m messaging a casual fuck boy now, I’m blunt overall. I tell guys what they do good and what they need to improve on all the time. I don’t sugar coat anything. But that’s just how I am.

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      2. Thanks. I try. If I’m fucking them consistently, they better be willing to learn and take direction so they can be fucking amazing and know me perfectly.

        Outside of guys I fuck, I also talk openly about sex with people in general. Like I have 7 male roommates, and I give them tips all the time. I actually just referred one of my roommates to, great resource to get tips and lessons on female masturbation, but I feel like every guy should use it as a resource to learn how to get a chick off.

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      3. Porn is the worst learning tool! I think omgyes is pretty new. My friend just sent me the link a week or two ago. I purchased the season not necessarily to learn for myself, but because I support their research. Every guy could learn from omgyes!

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