I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It…

I had to take a shower to cool off

I had to take a shower to cool off

I kissed a girl once when I was in college, but I wasn’t really into her or that attracted to her. I did it because the opportunity was there and I had known her for some time. The next time I kissed a girl was when I was vacationing in Florida. Now this time, I liked it. She was hot. I thought maybe this would be my first experience of doing something more with a woman, but I guess she liked men better because she left with one.

I’ve had a few different experiences with women. One happened to be during a very unplanned (drunk) threesome a couple of years ago. We had similar bodies and went down on each other. It was my first time going down on a woman. I enjoyed the entire experience except the ending (I’ll write about that later).

I love kissing, whether it’s with a man or a woman. The last woman I kissed is a full-blown women-only lesbian. I’ve wanted to see her again and do more, but we live a distance. Maybe someday.

4 thoughts on “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It…

  1. So interesting that you posted this today as bi is something I’d like to explore. I was talking to my lover about it today and never even thought about below I’d begin to pursue that.

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