My First Cub

Waiting for my Cub
Waiting for my Cub

Most men cannot keep up with me, especially older men or even men my own age. Perhaps it’s just the area in which I live that the selection is poor. When I discovered younger men were attracted to me around my 40th birthday, I started exclusively dating younger men. I did not seek them; they came to me.

My first cub was a cute 30-year-old ex-military guy graduating from college that I’d met at a club while I was going through my breakup. He had beautiful blue eyes and had a model look about him, but he wasn’t very much taller than me. (I’ll just call him Blue Eyes.) Surprisingly, Blue Eyes had a huge dick, so I stuck with him for a while. I’d never been with anyone so much younger than I. We had a lot of fun that mostly involved drinking copious amounts of alcohol in a darkened living room and lots of making out and fucking. It wasn’t a lifestyle I wasn’t used to. As time went on, I grew bored of the excessive drinking in the dark on beautiful days. It just wasn’t for me.

Blue Eyes ended up moving to another state but we do keep in touch, as he sometimes gets sent back near my area for work. We hooked up about six months ago when he was in town – this time it was wintery weather, but we still did his routine of drinking and fucking in a darkened hotel room. It was really hard for me to get into, and things felt different than before. Sex was not the same as I’d remembered. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was, but the sex wasn’t as exciting. A few years had already passed since our initial meeting, and I was in a much different frame of mind from when I’d first met him. I mean – he didn’t even cuddle with me afterwards, which is always part of the benefit of an old friend, right? I had driven about an hour to see him, but felt a little disappointed when it was all said and done.

There were a few things about him that turned me off, but I’ll save that for some other time.


8 thoughts on “My First Cub

  1. I also have a higher sex drive than what my gal pals deem as “normal”. It is very hard to find someone to keep up with me. At 30 (and married) I hit my sexual peak. At 35 it still hasnt slowed down. Really dont know what I will do if it gets any stronger. Didnt think any other women would ever undertand.


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