All Day I Dream About Sex

Dreaming About Sex
Dreaming About Sex

Remember the old ADIDAS acronym in school? All day I dream about sex. Seriously. I never used to be that way. Perhaps that was because I was so busy working my butt off that I was too exhausted to think about it. I think about sex all the time, probably because I don’t get it nearly enough as I’d like and my hours have been cut to part-time. Now I have time on my hands to not only think about sex but to feel horny as fuck most of the time – even at work.

It seems that when I do actually have sex, it’s like a floodgate opening, and I just crave it more and more. The best way to describe it is I feel like I have a fire inside that needs attention. It’s almost a burning hot horny sensation like nothing I’ve ever felt. If someone simply touched me, it would make me cum. That’s how hot and sensitive I have become since becoming a cougar – just a deep burning passion that cannot be explained in words.

18 thoughts on “All Day I Dream About Sex

      1. Sorry, I am just seeing this comment. I have also heard that. I suppose it’s probably true. But what if women have always thought like that and have been suppressing it all along?


  1. I am so horny right now, like crazy horny and I can never get enough. Coming once in one sesh isn’t enough either, though my bloke thinks it should be! I think you and I are kindrid bloggers Julie-though I am married which is, shall we say, limiting! :/

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      1. I will live vicariously through your escapades, that’ll have to do for me. I thought I might write a naughty book too, to get my fantasies out on paper, or a blog (in an anonymous name obvs!)

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  2. I will just have to live vicariously through both of you ladies. ADIDAS. Ugh! Story of my life the last several months… but I know I have no balls to act on it. I have no problem with guys hitting on me. And like you, I’m in my 40’s, been hitted on mostly by younger men though I prefer older guys who don’t have time for mind games… But my “religion” and “guilt” is my “prison”. So yeah… that’s it. ~~~ ❤ BP

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